My child brought a candy bar into a Miami grocery store, and now I’ve been accused of shoplifting. How can I prove my innocence?

If you’ve been accused of shoplifting in Florida because your child brought a candy bar into a store and a clerk or manager thought you were trying to steal it, you may have several options at your disposal to prove your innocence.

Luckily, the grocery store employee’s perspective doesn’t have to be the final word. A theft attorney in Miami at Falk & Ross can talk to you about some ways to prove your innocence.

Some ways to prove your child’s innocence in accidental petit theft may include:

  • monitoring surveillance video footage for proof the child entered the store with the candy bar;
  • gathering witness statements from others who saw your child enter the store with the candy bar;
  • visiting the scene of the incident to photograph floor displays, checkout lines, etc., to show lack of proximity to merchandise in question; and
  • conducting your own investigation with the help of a theft attorney in Miami at Falk & Ross Law Firm.

But even if you’re accused of shoplifting something as minute as a candy bar that your child brought into a store, you could face serious consequences if you have previous shoplifting convictions on your criminal record. If these penalties are a reality, speak with a lawyer immediately. The last thing you’ll want to do is opt not to hire an attorney and plead guilty just to put the case behind you. 

When You’ve Been Accused of Shoplifting, Call a Theft Attorney in Miami

The state of Florida does not look kindly upon those accused of shoplifting. For example, the state made more than 85,000 arrests for shoplifting in 2009 alone, according to numbers from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

If you’ve been arrested for shoplifting, no matter the circumstances, contact a lawyer to get an idea for what you should do next. Call 877-663-5110 or 305-741-6997 to speak with a theft attorney in Miami at Falk & Ross if you are accused of shoplifting.