My Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter/Father/Mother Was Arrested In Florida But Bail Was Not Set. Does This Mean They Are Automatically Guilty Of A Crime?

If a close relative has been arrested in Florida but bail was not set, it DOES NOT mean that they are automatically guilty of a crime. In the United States a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. However, if Florida bail was not set, then it may mean that the state has gathered an abundance of evidence against them.

Florida bail may also be denied if the arrested person has been previously convicted of a felony, or has other felony charges pending against them. In these cases, their civil rights may have not yet been restored.

If Florida bail has been denied because of a “non-bondable offense”, then a criminal defense attorney can request something known as an “Arthur Hearing”. This is like a mini-trial, in which the state must prove the burden of guilt which resulted in the denial of bail.

If Florida bail has been denied because of previous convictions or charges, then that person has the right to appeal the court’s order to deny the bond. To do so, they can get the help of a Florida criminal defense attorney.

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