New Woes for SunPass System May Necessitate SunPass Violation Defense

Ever since the SunPass electronic toll system was introduced back in 1999 it has been the headache of many drivers when they receive a Florida SunPass ticket. SunPass violation defense is a new area of law that a Miami traffic defense lawyer is now commonly adding to his or her list of cases. 

Cash is Past: How You Get a Florida SunPass Ticket in Miami 

In February 2011, the southernmost 47 miles of the Miami-Dade extension of the Florida Turnpike converted to a completely cashless toll system. The new cashless system left drivers with 2 options: get a SunPass or get a bill in the mail. Unfortunately, both solutions have had their share of problems. There are still many flaws with the electronic system that cause a SunPass violation. 

Defense attorneys who handle traffic cases have learned that:  

  • malfunctioning units;
  • certain windshield types; and
  • even third parties can interrupt the signal between your transponder and the toll system. 

The other option is known as “TOLL-BY-PLATE” and works exactly as described. if you go through a toll booth without an active SunPass transponder. Basically, the video cameras will take a photo of your license plate. Then, a bill for the amount of the toll, plus a $2.50 administrative charge will be sent to the name and address of the person to whom that plate is registered. 

TOLL-BY-PLATE is one of the most common reasons you may get a Florida SunPass ticket. There are many questions to be raised about the accuracy of this system, and a Miami traffic defense lawyer can help you use these arguments to your advantage. 

Even as the Florida Turnpike Enterprise struggles to work the bugs out of the new cashless system, the headaches won’t stop there. There are plans to expand the cashless system up to I-595 by summer of 2013, and finally up to Lantana and the Sawgrass by early 2015. 

SunPass Violations are more Than Just the Miami Turnpike’s Problem 

Many other toll roads in Florida are working on making changes to their SunPass system by providing booth-less, high speed toll lanes to allow vehicles to pass through without stopping. While this is good for traffic flow, it’s bad for drivers when they get charged with a SunPass violation. Defense is important when you claim to be unaware of the charges against you. 

Often, a driver will be unaware that they have a SunPass ticket on their record. The violation notice can be lost in the mail, or sent to the wrong address on file. In many cases, a driver may have a malfunctioning transponder and not even know it. 

Two of the other major toll roads in Florida, the Miami-Dade Expressway and the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway also have their own TOLL-BY-PLATE systems, meaning on long trips you could be hit with a SunPass ticket from 3 different roadway authorities! 

Consequences of a SunPass Violation and Defense Options 

The first penalty you’ll face is the cost of the violation itself. If you’re lucky, you will only receive the bill in the mail with the administrative fee, pay it, and be on your way. But if you never receive notice, you aren’t aware you owe money. This appears to the Florida Department of Transportation as an unpaid violation. 

Unpaid tolls may eventually lead to license suspension and criminal charges for a SunPass violation. Defense in this case is a must, and you need an experiencedMiami traffic defense lawyer on your side. 

Hopefully the SunPass system will continue to work on improving transponder response and their TOLL-BY-PLATE notifications. In the meantime, if you are served a Florida SunPass ticket and feel it was in error, contact a Miami traffic defense lawyer to have your case reviewed. 

Get Legal Help from a Miami Traffic DefenseLawyer Today 

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Never hire an attorney who promises a positive outcome as no lawyer can guarantee how your case will be resolved. 

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