Penalties After Violating Pedestrian Law and Crosswalk Law

There are more laws for drivers to follow than pedestrians when it comes to pedestrian law, but both sides of the situation need to heed the crosswalk law to avoid crashes and injury. If you are driver who was cited for violating Florida pedestrian law, you should speak with a Broward traffic defense attorney to protect your rights.


Determining Violations of the Florida Crosswalk Law

Crosswalks are designed to designate specific safe areas for pedestrians to cross streets and highways. Some crosswalks may be controlled by traffic signals, while others are located mid-road near high foot traffic areas. In any case, you need to be cautious when driving near a marked crosswalk to avoid violating pedestrian law.

If there is a person attempting to cross a road while in a marked crosswalk you are required to stop until the person has cleared the crosswalk. Most crosswalks are marked by painted lines and a yellow sign with an image of a person walking. Some signs are marked “YIELD,” which means a driver must stop completely for pedestrians – not just slow down.


Traffic Defense for Florida Pedestrian Law Violations

The Florida crosswalk law is far from perfect and the crosswalk system in Florida can get complicated. Most crosswalks are well marked, have control signals, and are located at intersections. The rules here are pretty obvious, and most drivers wouldn’t move their vehicles through a crosswalk if a pedestrian was there.

The problems withFloridapedestrian law begin when you start adding in some of the less obvious or unique factors. Crosswalks that are placed in the middle of a roadway and not at an intersection are common places where a Florida crosswalk law violation can take place.

Many drivers are unaware that even if the pedestrian has crossed their lanes of the road and are walking in the oncoming lane, you still must remain stopped until they are completely clear of the crosswalk. The same goes for when pedestrians are not yet at the point where they are crossing your lane – if they are in the crosswalk at all, you must stop.


Fighting a Citation for Violating Florida Crosswalk Law

A Broward traffic defense attorney will be necessary to help you fight any charges for violating Florida pedestrian law. It’s in your best interest to hire an attorney because most of the evidence in the case most likely will be from your testimony, the officer, and potentially the pedestrian or any witnesses. In some cases, surveillance footage from nearby buildings may lend evidence to the case as well.

In some cases you may argue that the pedestrian was crossing when the crosswalk signals were set to “do not walk” (the red hand symbol). While the pedestrian is in the wrong, you are still obligated by pedestrian law to stop if he or she is in the crosswalk. Your traffic defense attorney can help you understand that the pedestrian’s violation is not an excuse for your own violation of Florida crosswalk law.

Due to the confusing nature of the Florida pedestrian law, you should contact a Broward defense attorney before you attempt to challenge any violations.