Penalties for Drunk Driving in South Florida

Punishments for Florida drunk driving charges are determined by which offense it is for you; 1st, 2nd, 3rd within 10 years, 3rd after 10 years or 4th including any subsequent offenses. 

The first DUI offense fine is between $250-500. You can be imprisoned for up to 6 months. The state will take away your license for 180 days up to 1 year.  

The second offense fine is $500-1,000. There is a mandatory 10-day minimum imprisonment. Maximum imprisonment is capped at 9 months. You will also get an Ignition Interlock System installed on your car. If your second offense occurred within 5 years of the first one then your license will be taken away for 5 years.  

If your third DUI offense occurs within 10 years of your second offense it is considered a felony. You can be fined up to $5,000 and you will be put in prison for no more than 5 years. If you regain your license, an Ignition Interlock System will be installed in your car and any car that you regularly drive, including leased vehicles. 

If it has been more than 10 years since your last DUI offense your fine will be between $1,000 and $2,500. The prison term will be capped at 1 year and your license will be revoked for 10 years at the minimum. Again, your vehicle will be installed with an Ignition Interlock System for at least 2 years when you begin driving again. 

If you are arrested for drunk driving 4 times or more, the penalties incurred will be the same as if you had been arrested 3 times within 10 years excepting that your minimum fine will be $1,000 and your license will be revoked permanently. 

If you’ve been charged with a Florida DUI, the penalties are too severe for you to give up without a fight. Learn how to pick a Florida DUI defense attorney by visiting our article library. 

Contacting a Miami DUI Defense Attorney 

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