Plea Options in a Florida Criminal Case, Cont.

Plea Option 2: Not Guilty

If you choose to plead not guilty, then a trial date will be set. By choosing this option, you give your lawyer about 2-3 weeks to file several motions with the court that can work in your favor. For example, your Miami criminal defense attorney can file a motion to suppress evidence that may have been illegally obtained at the scene of the crime. 

As a civilian, you most likely do not know appropriate police procedure, so even though it may seem like the prosecutor has a strong case against you, there may have been mistakes made during seizure of evidence or other aspects of your arrest

Similarly, you may not be aware of all the media coverage concerning your situation. Your Miami criminal defense attorney can file a motion for a change of venue that will allow the proceedings to be moved to a different location where it is less likely that the jury has a predisposed notion of guilt caused by publicity surrounding the event.

By pleading not guilty you allow your Miami criminal defense attorney to unearth all of the facts surrounding the event, some of which you may be unaware and could help your case.    

Plea Option 3: Guilty 

You can only plead guilty if it is a voluntary act and you understand all of the repercussions surrounding that choice. 

When a person pleads guilty, they give up several constitutional rights, including: 

  • Right to trial by jury;
  • Right to confront witnesses; and
  • Protection against self incrimination. 

Most jurisdictions allow you to withdraw your guilty plea before the court accepts it, and also after it accepts the plea but before they determine punishment. 

Plea Bargains 

Plea bargains can happen when the defendant agrees to plead guilty to the charge in return for a lesser penalty. 

There are 2 types of plea bargains:  

  • Charge Bargain, which requires testimony against another defendant; and
  • Sentence Plea Bargain, which informs you of the punishment prior to trial. 

A plea bargain is negotiated through your lawyer and usually takes place between the two lawyers alone, in an informal setting. Sometimes a judge will be present but many judges prefer to stay unaware of the negotiations.  

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney 

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