Police Officer Gives Advice on How to Deal With Police

Recently on Huffingtonpost.com Neil Franklin, a 33-year law enforcement veteran, gave his advice on how to deal with police during a traffic stop situation. Below are several ways to protect your rights when dealing with officers of the law: 

  • remain calm – by remaining calm, you can keep the situation on an even keel. If you lose your cool, the officer may lose theirs, and rest assured that you will be the one who pays a price;
  • remain silent – remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Therefore, it is best not to say anything more than what needs to be said to an officer;
  • refuse to be searched – you have the right to refuse a search by the police. This refusal cannot be held against you in a court of law;
  • never run – never run away from the police. If you run, they will catch you, and you will face more serious charges;
  • never touch an officer – aggressive actions toward a police officer can lead to serious criminal charges;
  • don’t get tricked into giving incriminating information – remember, a police officer may lie to you in order to obtain information. Don’t let them trick you into making an incriminating statement that could hurt your case later. 

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