Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket: What to Do After You Have Been Cited

You get pulled over for speeding in Miami and an officer hands you a ticket for $137. If you’ve never been cited for speeding before, this steep price may come as a shock. 

You have 3 choices for handling your reckless driving ticket: 

  1. Pay the fine. Fines are based on the extremity of recklessness and the location of your citation. Meaning, your fine will be determined by how far past the speed limit you were travelling and what city you were in when you were stopped. Florida’s fines range from $76-$305.
  2. Attend traffic school. Though you’ll still be required to pay a fine, you can attend a 4-hour basic driver improvement course to avoid points on your license and an increase in your auto insurance premium. Driver improvement courses may be completed in person or online.
  3. Hire a Miami traffic lawyer. A Miami traffic lawyer can effectively defend your rights, possibly reduce your fine and lift the burden of attending traffic school and assessing points on your license, by fighting your reckless driving ticket in court.  

Regardless of which route you choose, it’s important to know you must take action within 30 days of the citation date. It’s also important to consider Florida’s point distribution system – 1 reckless driving citation can cost you 4 points on your license where 12 will result in a suspension of your license. 

Learn more about Florida’s reckless driving speeding fines and what you can do to fight a reckless driving citation.

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