Release from Jail after you are arrested for DUI in Miami

When you are arrested for DUI in Miami and taken into custody you will go through the booking process and eventually be placed in a holding cell. When you have completed the conditions for your release you can begin building a case with your Miami-Dade DUI defense firm

The conditions for your release are: 

  • posting bail;
  • you are no longer under the influence;
  • your normal faculties are no longer impaired;
  • your blood/breath alcohol level is lower than .05; or
  • 8 hours have passed since your arrest. 

Once you are released from jail, you will need to consider how you’re getting home. Because you were arrested while driving, your vehicle was most likely towed to an impound lot unless it was arranged for a non-impaired passenger to accept the responsibility. In some cases, the officer may allow you to contact a friend or family member to pick up the vehicle. 

If your vehicle is towed, it will remain at the city impound lot until you are able to pay the impound fee to have it released. There are some circumstances, such as a family with only one vehicle, which will waive impoundment since your other family members rely on that vehicle as their sole method of transportation. 

The ability to contact friends and family members for assistance after you are arrested for DUI in Miami is largely dependent on how much courtesy the police extend to you. You cannot guarantee that you will be able to ask them for help, but you do have the right to request the help of an attorney at a Miami-Dade DUI defense firm.  

Contacting a Miami-Dade DUI Defense Firm 

You have the right to a Miamicriminal defense attorney during the proceedings following your arrest in Florida. If you are arrested for DUI in Miami, your legal team is your best defense. Contact the Falk & Ross Miami-Dade DUI defense firm to discuss your case – 1-877-663-5110.