Release of a Minor after Curfew Violations in Florida

When a minor is taken into custody for breaking the Florida curfew they’re transported to a nearby police station for processing. In cases of curfew violations, they may also be taken to a religious, charitable, or civic organization that sponsors a curfew program. These programs are conducted in cooperation with the local law enforcement and are usually held at a church or community center. 

Once your child is at the detainment center, the police will record the pertinent information such as name, address, and date of birth. They’ll also usually search their records for any prior violations. At this time, an attempt will be made to contact the child’s parents or guardian. 

When contacted, you’ll be asked to come to the center to take custody of your child. You’ll be informed of the situation and any penalties or fines assessed against your minor child. If you cannot be contacted within 2 hours, or if you refuse to take custody, your child will be transported to their residence. 

If your child is detained for violating the Florida curfew rules you should be aware of how this can potentially affect their juvenile record. Experienced juvenile defense attorneys in Miami Beach can help you review your child’s situation and make sure their juvenile record is handled properly.  

Contacting Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Miami Beach 

Juveniles have rights, too, and without proper legal representation those rights may be violated without your knowledge. If your child is facing criminal charges in Miami Beach your legal team is your best defense. juvenile defense attorneys at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 877-663-5110.