Release on Recognizance in Florida and How a Criminal Attorney Can Help

When you are arrested in Floridafor a transgression against the criminal code, you’re immediately saddled with a considerable to-do list, but your first concern is the most basic: when will you get out of jail? Under normal circumstances, you will be held in jail until you are bailed out or until you trial date. Due to the overcrowding of jails and the acknowledgement by the courts and the penal system that some offenses may not warrant being locked up for weeks or months, some offenders may be given the option of a release on recognizance, particularly if they are represented by a real estate attorney.

What is a release on recognizance?

Being released on one’s own recognizance (ROR) means that you are discharged from jail, but you are still individually accountable for arriving at your court date at the appointed time and date.

Being released doesn’t mean you’re out of hot water; you can still be found guilty of your charges, and if you’re found guilty, it’s possible you will face jail time. However, being released on your own recognizance does afford you the personal liberty of continuing to live your life as usual (for the most part) until your first hearing.

It also gives you an opportunity to meet with criminal attorney firms and find the right representation for you and your case. However, in order to take advantage of ROR, you must first be eligible, and not everyone will qualify for this kind of release.

Legal Help from a Florida Criminal Attorney

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After you’ve been arrested in Florida, you may qualify for a release on recognizance (ROR) under certain conditions. An ROR means that you are released from jail without posting bond so that you don’t have to spend weeks or months behind bars while waiting for a court date.

However, only certain individuals will be eligible for a Florida ROR. While there are no set requirements for eligibility and the decision is often left to the judge or court official supervising the case, there are several factors that influence whether or not you will be a candidate for release on recognizance. They include:

  • Instances in which the defendant has strong ties to the community, such as a family, spouse, children, etc.;
  • If the defendant has lived in the area for a long time and poses no threat of attempting to flee to escape being charged;
  • If the defendant is employed;
  • When the defendant has no criminal record, or the previous criminal acts were minor and took place many years prior; and
  • If the defendant was arrested and charged in the past and regularly showed up for scheduled court dates.

If You’ve Been Arrested, Get Legal Help from a Florida Criminal Attorney

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