Rights Not Protected in a Florida Indictment

If you’re facing charges, you may have a lot of questions about the criminal procedure and how it may impact your rights. The best way to understand how it works and what you can expect is to contact a South Florida criminal attorney immediately.

Depending on the crime an individual is being accused of, the formal charges brought against him or her may be done through an indictment or information. There are some advantages to the information process that may help your case.

In an indictment, evidence is presented before a grand jury that decides whether or not to prosecute. But there are some rights that may not be exercised in this situation.

For instance, you cannot present evidence to the grand jury, nor can you answer to witnesses presented against you. The only way around this is if you are called as a witness, which is not a guarantee. Even if you are called as a witness, you may not have proper legal representation. This puts you at a serious disadvantage.

Another disadvantage is that even if you are called as a witness and allowed to bring evidence, the grand jury can choose not to hear it. This may put you in a bad spot if they won’t even hear your evidence.

Deciding whether to plead on the basis of an indictment versus information can be challenging. However, legal counsel can provide advice for how to proceed.

Contacting a South Florida Criminal Attorney

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