Role of Your License Plate for TOLL-BY-PLATE Florida SunPass

The cashless tolling system known as TOLL-BY-PLATE is relatively new to the Florida SunPass system and it’s already causing headaches. As SunPass continues to update its service, you need to stay on top of the game to avoid violations by getting in touch with a Miami traffic defense lawyer. 

If you go through a toll gate without having an active transponder in your vehicle the system takes a photo of your license plate and send a bill to the name and address on the plate instead.  

Erroneous Florida SunPass Violations for Unpaid Tolls 

While the new system sounds easy, there are many other unique situations to consider: 

  • What if your plate was stolen and used through a toll before you knew to report it?
  • What if you recently moved and your address update didn’t process in time before you went through a toll?
  • What if the photo was poor and the system misread another plate’s number as yours, therefore giving you a toll you didn’t go through? 

These are just a few scenarios that could result in an erroneous SunPass toll charge. The problem is many drivers don’t know about these charges until they’re notified of a suspended license or criminal charges due to unpaid tolls. 

Your drivers’ license and criminal record could be in jeopardy if you have unpaid SunPass tolls or violation tickets. If you don’t know how to deal with a SunPass violation, contact a Miami traffic attorney for help with SunPass violation defense.   

Get Legal Help from a Miami Traffic DefenseLawyer Today 

The cost of a Miamitraffic defense lawyer can be far less than the cost of your Florida SunPass ticket. Our firm offers a free consultation, so you have the chance to learn more about us and our practice before retaining our services. We can also tell you exactly what you’ll be charged ahead of time and give you an honest opinion about the potential challenges of your case. 

Never hire an attorney who promises a positive outcome as no lawyer can guarantee how your case will be resolved. 

If you have recently been cited with a SunPass violation, defense for your case in Miamiis the job of a traffic defense lawyer. Contact us today at 877-663-5110 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation.