Rothstein Co-Conspirator Changes Plea for Reduced Penalty

The Ponzi scheme trial of Fort Lauderdale lawyer Scott Rothstein demonstrates how negotiating a plea bargain can help to lessen one’s sentence. Bodyguard Enrique Ros negotiated a plea bargain for his charge as co-conspirator in money laundering along with Rothstein. Ros was indicted after an FBI sting investigation into Rothstein’s investment racketeering operation. 

Ros was instructed by Rothstein to destroy documents related to his racketeering conspiracy in return for payment. Although Ros did not shred the documents, he still accepted payment and agreed to perform the deed, as proven by recorded phone conversations. 

Pursuant to the plea bargain, prosecutors dropped the money-laundering conspiracy and related charges, leaving only the conspiracy to obstruct justice charge. Ros is expected to serve only 1 year in prison because of this reduced sentence. 

Because Ros agreed to share information with the prosecution in a timely manner, his South Florida criminal defense attorney was able to leverage a plea bargain so that he could serve a reduced sentence. Rothstein was the head of the racketeering conspiracy and so faces much more serious charges. He will not be able to negotiate a plea bargain for his situation. 

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