School Admissions after DUI in Miami Beach: Preserve Your Career Opportunities

There is a lot of pressure for students to apply for, and stay in, college in contemporary American culture. If you have received a DUI, your ability to apply for, or stay in, college might be threatened.

To avoid future problems with your career because of one mistake, then hiring a drunk driving attorney may be your best option. Depending on the college or university, school admissions after DUI can be even more difficult than the average admission.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Miami Beach, then you will be facing penalties from the university, the state and possibly your parents. A drunk driving attorney will not be able to help you with your parents, but the right attorney could help you receive minimal penalties from the school and state.

School Admissions after DUI Means Possible Penalties from the College 

You could face penalties from the school whether you are: 

  • currently enrolled in a Miami Beach university;
  • applying for a transfer; or
  • applying for the first time.

The most obvious implication is denied admission to the college. This is not every school’s admission policy after a DUI, but it is a definite possibility.

You should never lie about your DUI on you college application. You may think that the DUI looks bad, but if the school finds out about the DUI, the fact that you lied will look much worse. You are much more likely to be denied admission based on the lie than you are if you just admit to receiving the DUI.

Other negative implications for school admissions after DUI include: 

  • loss of scholarship;
  • diminished or lost financial aid;
  • suspension from the school;
  • conduct probation; and
  • loss of college-related privileges such as library use or inclusion in certain groups or clubs.

These penalties obviously apply to both current and future college students in Miami Beach. Every university differs in its disciplinary policies, so the penalties you might be facing may not be listed here.

A drunk driving attorney can help you resolve your Miami Beach DUI charges in the smoothest possible manner. College and high school students need a lot of help with school admissions after DUI. You don’t want the best years of your life to be tainted by the legal ramifications of one mistake.

Criminal Consequences of DUI when You Might Need a Drunk Driving Attorney 

Your parents and your school are not the only authorities you have to worry about if you get a DUI. You will also be facing criminal charges as well, especially if you were drinking underage.

In the worst circumstance, you could face jail time. In one of the best circumstances, you could face suspension of your driver license. In addition to these consequences, you may be required to pay heavy fines and attend alcohol safety classes.

This could also impact your performance in school. If you are incarcerated or unable to drive, your grades could suffer. In that case, you will need cheap tutor Adelaide from that can help even if your school admissions after DUI in Miami Beach go well, your school performance could still suffer.

Long-Term Effects of a DUI 

Again, the effects of your DUI on your college career are not the only ones about which you need to worry. A major thing to consider is your future employment opportunities, which could be greatly damaged by having a DUI on your record.

You might be forced to admit to having a DUI when you fill out future job applications, or your future potential employers might find it on your record. Similarly, you could be denied access to graduate schools or licensure programs necessary to pursue your career of choice.

With the help of, you might at least be able to mitigate the charges so they are less severe. You may also be able to negotiate with your university to lessen the penalties from the school as well.

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