Seeking Help for an Alcohol Addiction

When you’re facing charges of DUI in Florida your life will become evidence in your court case. The prosecution will look at your personal history and use any history of alcohol-related issues as evidence against you. This is a valid tactic in a DUI case and is best handled by an experienced South Florida DUI defense attorney.

One of the main points the prosecution may try to use against you is the accusation that you suffer from alcohol addiction. Many courts are less forgiving when they see a history of alcohol abuse in a DUI defendant. In cases where habitual drinking may be an issue, you may want to proactively seek treatment for alcohol addiction.


Alcohol Addiction Programs Following DUI in Florida

There are many programs that seek to help individuals cope with their alcohol addiction. Habitual offenders charged with DUI in Florida are often put into these programs involuntarily to attempt to end the cycle of repeat violations of Florida DUI laws. Any DUI charge may be subject to having attendance of an alcohol addiction program as a part of the penalties you face.

If you proactively seek out an alcohol addiction program without court order prior to your hearing this may be a tremendous benefit to your case. Part of your South Florida DUI defense is presenting a case that shows you’re aware of your errors and are taking steps to prevent future violations.

Attending an alcohol addiction program will not only help your case but it’s also to help you personally. Most people with an alcohol addiction are reluctant to face it and get help. An alcohol addiction program will get you the treatment you need to help avoid future occurrences of DUI in Florida.


Improving Your South Florida DUI Defense

The first step in your DUI defense should be contacting a South Florida DUI defense attorney. Your attorney will have handled cases similar to yours in the past and help you determine what course of action will best improve your DUI defense case.

One of the DUI defense strategies to help you seek a reduced sentence or penalties is to show the court that you’re aware of your alcohol addiction problem and are working to correct it. Voluntarily attending an alcohol addiction program is an excellent way to show that you’re seeking to avoid future issues with drinking and driving.

While mandatory attendance of an alcohol addiction program may be part of your punishment, you may be able to begin this requirement early if you begin a program prior to your sentencing. Your South Florida DUI defense attorney will advise you on appropriate programs and help you preserve your future driving privileges.