South Florida Criminal Lawyer Explains Complications with Social Media and Fourth Amendment

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a staple of communication in the modern world. While these new and evolving technologies can help us in many ways there may also be concerns about how the information shared on these sites could be used against us.  

Some recent cases of employers and school officials asking employees and students for their Facebook passwords have raised fourth amendment rights questions. The fourth amendment is in place as way to protect Americans from unlawful and unreasonable searches of their private property. 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently worked with a 12-year-old Minnesota student who was forced by school administrators to give up her Facebook password after a parent complained about private postings that took place off of school grounds. 

The ACLU defends that the student’s fourth and first amendment rights were violated when her postings and chat history, which are expected to be private, were searched by school employees without the student’s permission or her parent’s consent. 

Other incidences of companies asking potential job candidates to provide their Facebook usernames and passwords have also surfaced. Additionally, some colleges and universities are requiring athletes to provide this information as well.  

Just as these sites are new, so are the laws regulating their use. Until a clear line is drawn, a South Florida criminal lawyer suggests beefing up your security settings and deleting any information you would not want others to see as a precaution.  

Contacting a Criminal Lawyer in Miami 

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