Steps to Take After Being Charged With Street Racing in Florida

A conviction for street racing in Florida not only results in jail time, fines and an entry on your criminal record, but it can also impact your driving privileges. Most courts find street racing to be the sign of negligent drivers and will seek maximum penalties against them. To uphold your right to a fair trial, a Broward County traffic lawyer will be your best ally. 

Defining Street Racing in Florida 

The arresting officer will make the determination to charge you with street racing. He or she will look for certain signs of this criminal activity, such as: 

  • accelerating from a stop signal too fast;
  • taking a corner with bald tires (squealing tires);
  • traveling at high speeds in a “known race spot”;
  • general speeding;
  • weaving in and out of traffic; and
  • improper passing. 

The important thing to know is that not all of these actions are signs of street racing. Some, such as speeding in general, are traffic offenses, but they are non-criminal and should only warrant a ticket and fine. If you wish to argue against street racing charges because you believe you were guilty of a lesser charge such as reckless driving, you’ll want the help of a Broward County traffic lawyer to help plead your case. 

When you are arrested for street racing in Florida, it’s important to understand your rights. The first right to exercise is your right to legal counsel, which could save you from facing the maximum penalties for street racing. 

Penalties for Street Racing in Florida 

If you are legitimately convicted for street racing you will face 1st degree misdemeanor charges. The maximum sentence for a 1st degree misdemeanor is up to 1 year in prison and fines up to $1,000. Your lawyer may be able to reduce these charges, so it’s important to obtain advice quickly before you damage your case. 

Jail time and fines aren’t the only penalties you face when you are convicted of street racing in Florida. This conviction goes on your criminal record until you can have it sealed or expunged. Your drivers’ license can be at stake, due to the mandatory 1-year license revocation as enforced by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. 

For an entire year you will be unable to drive a car, unless you apply for a hardship license. Hardship licenses restrict you to only certain types of travel such as work, dropping your kids off at school and medical appointments. Your driving record also will carry this offense and typically causes your insurance rates to increase, unless your company outright cancels your coverage. 

Protecting Your Rights with a Broward County Traffic Lawyer 

The court system doesn’t take criminal traffic charges like street racing lightly. Harsh penalties are in place to deter drivers from driving recklessly, resulting in serious accidents and injuries. Therefore, the judge may not be very forgiving in hearing your case when you face charges of street racing inFlorida. 

To make sure you are given a fair assessment in court and your rights are upheld, you need the help of a Broward County traffic lawyer. An experienced lawyer will know theFlorida traffic laws and make sure you are only being held accountable for the appropriate amount of penalties for your case. 

When you don’t know the nuances of Florida law and fighting criminal charges, you can be unaware that your rights are in jeopardy. For the fairest treatment in court your lawyer will be at your side for all of the actions in your case, giving your future a better outlook. 

Contacting a Broward County Traffic Lawyer 

You have the right to an attorney during the proceedings following your arrest for street racing in Florida. If you are facing criminal charges, your legal team is your best defense. Contact the Broward County traffic lawyer team at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 1-877-663-5110.