SunPass Violations (Part B)

SunPass Violation Warning Letter 

If you have received a SunPass Violations Warning Letter, it may mean that you are using an invalid SunPass transponder, or that your device failed due to one of the reasons mentioned in the previous part of this article. 

You may also receive a SunPass Violations Warning Letter if you have a Toll-By-Plate account for the elevated Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway, and you tried to use your SunPass on another Florida highway. If you have this Toll-By-Plate account, it can only be used on the Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway. 

If you are issued a Uniform Traffic Citation (UCT) you must contact a SunPass violations representative within 30 days from the date of issuance. The representative will then deduct the toll from your prepaid account and update your account information. 

If you fail to reply to a UCT notice within 30 days from the date of issuance, the citation will go to the Clerk of the Court in the county where it was issued. Then you can either pay the fine, or fight the citation in a court of law. To fight your citation, you should get the help of a Miami traffic ticket lawyer. 

How can a Miami traffic ticket lawyer help?

When it comes to SunPass violations, many people don’t even realize that they’ve done something wrong. This can easily happen due to a simple mistake, or a malfunction of your device. When you do find out that you have received a SunPass violation, you should not immediately assume that you are guilty.

If you never received your SunPass Violations Warning Letter, you were not properly notified of your SunPass violations. In such a case, a judge may find it necessary to dismiss your UCT. If you received a violation because of a faulty device, you should not be held responsible due to a mechanical malfunction.

Contacting a Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer 

If you are wrongfully charged with a SunPass violation in South Florida, you shouldn’t have to deal with the penalties involved due to someone else’s mistake. Contact the Miami traffic ticket attorneys at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 877-663-5110.