Traffic Defense Attorneys Fighting Improper Lane Change Violations

The Florida statutes have a specific section dedicated to laws regarding an improper lane change in Florida. You should contact your traffic defense attorneys in South Florida if you’ve ever been cited for a traffic violation to help you fight for your rights.

There are 2 types of lane changes: overtaking and passing another vehicle with a temporary lane change and a permanent lane change. A police officer may issue a citation for violating the rules of each of these maneuvers. You have the right to consultation with traffic defense attorneys in South Florida to determine if your citation was for a valid offense.


Florida Statute on Overtaking and Passing a Vehicle

Statute 316.085 outlines the conditions with which it’s legal to cross into an oncoming traffic lane to overtake or pass a vehicle in your lane. This is a hazardous maneuver that should only be done when absolutely necessary.

According to the statute you may only do this if the lane to the left of center is clearly visible and free of traffic to allow for enough time to safely enter the lane, pass the vehicle, and return to the appropriate lane.

You can get a citation for improper lane change in Florida for:

  • reckless maneuvering;
  • excessive speeds; and
  • interference with other vehicles.


Florida Statute on Improper Lane Change in Florida

When you’re traveling on a multiple-lane road and find it necessary to change lanes you must do so safely to avoid interference with other vehicles. The Florida statute requires you to determine that your vehicle isn’t being approached by any other vehicles already in the lane in which you’re preparing to change.

Florida statute 316.155 determines the use of turn signals as applied to proper lane changes. You’re required to use your turn signal or the appropriate hand/arm signal to notify nearby vehicles of your intent to change lanes.


Knowing How to Handle an Improper Lane Change Violation

Traffic defense attorneys in South Florida have seen many cases just like yours in their years of experience with traffic violation citations. You’ll be required to respond to the citation within a certain time period, so obtaining an attorney immediately is to your benefit.

One situation seen often by traffic defense attorneys in South Florida is a driver who fails to signal when changing lanes, but is charged with improper lane change in Florida.

This can be fought by traffic defense attorneys in South Florida who understand the significant difference between these 2 citations. If you’re not experienced in defending against unfair charges the court may be violating your rights to a fair trial.