Various Types and Nature of Disorderly Conduct Charges Discussed by Criminal Defense Attorney in Dade County

Actions That May Require a Criminal Defense Attorney in Dade County

As one of the most commonly charged offenses in the country, disorderly conduct charges essentially involve someone losing their patience with a police officer or other public safety employee. It also can involve generally being loud in public or at home, getting into an altercation, or using offensive language in a public setting.

Specifically, disorderly conduct can involve someone performing any of the following acts: 

  • being drunk in public;
  • starting a riot;
  • disturbing the peace;
  • loitering, particularly in areas that do not allow it and have the appropriate signage;
  • starting or participating in a fight in a public place;
  • disturbing the flow of traffic;
  • using offensive language in public; and
  • being excessively loud.

When it comes to being loud, this does not just apply to being excessively loud in public. In Florida and elsewhere across the country, homeowners who are very loud and cause disturbances to their neighbors can have disorderly conduct charges brought against them. The noise could be from a private party or altercation, but the charges often remain the same.

Even though a charge of disorderly conduct may not actually harm anyone, it can cause grief to the person being charged. This person may have to pay penalties, or even may need to serve some jail time, depending on the offense that occurred. This charge will permanently appear on someone’s record, even though it could have been something as potentially harmless as hosting a party that was too loud. This makes it important for people to find the best possible criminal defense attorney in Dade County has available to erase this charge from their records completely.

Also, because disorderly conduct charges are at the discretion of the police or public safety officer based on complaints filed with others, or based on their own experiences with those being charged, there is a real gray area. Concrete evidence is harder to come by here, so many people who have disorderly conduct charges filed against them hire the a defense attorney to help fight it in a court of law.

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