Violation of Probation: Laws and Requirements in Florida

Violation of probation laws in Florida is a serious offense. Having a defense lawyer on your side will be critical if you have been charged with a crime in Miami and have violated or are accused of violating probation.

Violations of Probation Laws and Requirements in Florida

The following are some of the ways that requirements of probation may be violated: 

  • failure to appear in court;
  • getting arrested;
  • failure to report to probation officer;
  • possessing a controlled substance;
  • failure to pay fines;
  • possessing a firearm;
  • traveling out of state without permission; and
  • associating with certain individuals.

When You Violate Probation Law, You Have Options

Sometimes there are special conditions that must be met. An example would be attending a domestic battery intervention program, such as the Alliance for Psychological Services. Failing to attend could be considered a violation. If you are unsure of specific guidelines in your probation, ask your attorney or probation officer to make sure you do not unintentionally violate the terms.

When probation laws in Florida are violated, there are numerous ways an offender can be punished in Miami. Consult with a defense lawyer to learn what legal options may be available.

Seek Help from a Defense Lawyer if Charged with a Crime in Miami 

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, more than 150,000 offenders are supervised and monitored by the 158 parole and probation offices located throughout Florida. The job of a probation officer is to ensure that not only the requirements are met, but that the defendant doesn’t violate any of the terms.

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