What can I expect in a first offense theft charge in South Florida?

What you can expect to happen in a first offense theft charge will depend on the amount stolen, along with other factors that could come into play. If you are facing any types of charges, it would be in your best interest to talk with aSouth Florida criminal attorney about your case.

Let’s say, for example, that you are accused of stealing a few items of clothing from a department store. Your punishment will likely be less severe than if you had stolen a diamond ring from a jewelry store.

In addition to the value of the things that you stole, the severity of a first offense theft charge may also depend on other factors, such as if you used a weapon to hold up a jewelry store, as opposed to taking an item and hiding it under your shirt.

In relation to the example above, if you shoplifted clothes valued less than $300, you may be charged with what is known as petit theft in the first degree. If it is less than $100, it is a second degree charge. Anything stolen worth more than $300 is considered grand theft. The punishment is most severe in this case, possibly consisting of a prison sentence, probation, and hefty fines, even if it was your first offense.

Whether you are facing a first offense or subsequent offense of petit theft or grand theft, you can expect these crimes to stay on your record. This can severely ruin or at least change your life, especially when seeking employment.

Contacting a South Florida Criminal Attorney

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