What constitutes a sex crime in Florida?

When you are facing criminal charges for sexual misconduct, it may help to know just how a sex crime in Florida is defined. The basic definition of a sex crime in Florida is when an individual is convicted of committing (or attempting to commit, soliciting or conspiring to commit) any crime that falls under Florida’s definition of sexual battery, lewd and lascivious molestation, battery or any similar crime.

Depending on the type of sex crime in Florida for which you are accused, the criminal charges can vary drastically. You will want to connect with a Miami criminal defense attorney immediately to help address the criminal charges you face to avoid the maximum penalties.

The most commonly accused types of sex crime in Florida include actions such as:

  • sexual battery;
  • child molestation;
  • rape;
  • statutory rape;
  • Internet sex offenses;
  • lewd conduct;
  • possession of child pornography; and
  • indecent exposure.

The criminal charges for a sex crime in Florida can range from misdemeanors to felony charges and even the death penalty, in some cases of sexual battery and rape. You do not have to accept the maximum criminal charges for a sex crime in Florida without the help of a Miami criminal defense attorney.

In some cases, your Miami criminal defense attorney can help you reduce the charges brought against you and make sure you are not being accused of an inflated sex crime charge. The evidence in your case can help prove you were not guilty of a more severe crime and help you avoid unfair criminal charges.

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

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