What defenses can be used in a Florida DUI case?

There are a multitude of options for defenses in Florida DUI cases so you should discuss them with your Miami DUI defense attorney. For example, your Miami DUI defense attorney could argue against the police’s reasons for pulling you over to begin with, your breath test results, or other specific circumstances relating to your arrest. 

For example, if your Miami DUI defense attorney can prove that the officer did not have probable cause to stop, detain, or arrest you then the evidence they gathered after your traffic stop or arrest may not be admissible in court. 

Also, the results of your chemical sobriety test could be thrown out of court if the officer did not inform you of the consequences of your refusal to take it or if he gave the test incorrectly. 

If you took field sobriety tests, the results of these can be argued because they are very subjective. If you took the breathalyzer test then those results can be argued as well. Your Miami DUI defense lawyer can question the calibration or investigate defects regarding the testing machine. These are only a few of the possible avenues for your DUI defense. 

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Contacting a Miami DUI Defense Attorney 

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