What is a grand jury hearing in Florida?

A Florida grand jury hearing is essentially a criminal hearing that is used to determine if there is enough probable cause, or evidence, to go to trial. A grand jury–which consists of a panel of individuals—does not have the power to issue a verdict on your case; they can only issue an indictment. Only when the case goes to trial can the petit jury make a decision regarding a conviction or acquittal. If you face a hearing, consult a south Florida criminal defense attorney for help.

During the Florida grand jury hearing, both the prosecutor and defense attorney can introduce evidence and call on witnesses to testify. The grand jury will consider this information when making a recommendation to the court on whether or not criminal charges can be filed, the specific crime (or crimes) committed and the person accused of the crime.

A grand jury hearing differs from a preliminary hearing in that the case is decided by jurors rather than a judge. Not all criminal cases go to the grand jury first; in fact, this is typically reserved only for capital crimes. 

Contact a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

If you were accused of a crime requiring a grand jury, a south Florida attorney can help you prepare for your hearing. From gathering evidence to lining up witnesses, a criminal defense attorney is crucial when facing serious charges.

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