What is a SunPass violation and can an attorney help me to fight one?

A Florida SunPass violation may be the result of an unpaid highway toll, because your SunPass account may have the wrong license plate information or other simple mistakes and mechanical malfunctions. 

If you are charged with a Florida SunPass violation, you will receive a Florida SunPass Violations Warning Letter. If you do receive this letter, you should consult an experienced Miami traffic ticket attorney who can explain your options for fighting the ticket. 

If you are charged with a Florida SunPass violation, you may face penalties that include: 

  • $100 or more civil penalty;
  • 3 points assessed to your driver’s license (which may result in higher insurance rates);
  • a suspension of your vehicle registration; and/or
  • a suspension of your driver’s license. 

A Miami traffic ticket attorney may be able to help you fight your SunPass violation by proving a mechanical defect, human error, or other mistake resulted in your ticket. Sometimes, a SunPass Violation Warning Letter is sent to the wrong address, other times SunPass employees have misread a license plate number which resulted in the wrong person being cited. Whatever the mistake, you should not have to pay for a violation you did not commit. 

Contacting a Miami Traffic Ticket Attorney 

If you are wrongfully charged with a SunPass violation in South Florida, you shouldn’t have to deal with the penalties involved due to someone else’s mistake. Contact the Miami traffic ticket attorneys at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 877-663-5110.