What is an arraignment?

An arraignment is a proceeding wherein the accused person is called into court to be informed of the charges leveled against them and to announce their plea. Presence at court is mandatory, except for some minor infractions. 

If you do not show up to your arraignment for any reason, a bench warrant, or capias, will be issued and an officer will have the right to take you into custody to ensure your appearance. 

Arraignments consist of two things in the federal court system. One, the court needs to be sure that you have a copy of the indictment or information against you. Information is a specific term that refers to the written accusation of a crime, prepared by the prosecutor on behalf of the state. 

The second thing that happens at arraignments is the reading of the indictment to the accused. The court will verbally relay what charges are to be brought against you in the court of law. 

After you have been informed of your charges you will be asked to respond with your plea. You can plead no contest, guilty or not guilty. Your Miami criminal defense attorney can advise you about how to plead and defend against your charges in court or negotiate a plea bargain. 

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Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney 

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