What is “In re Gault”?

In 1967, the United States Supreme Court’s In re Gault decision established that under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, juveniles who are accused of crimes will be entitled to many of the same due process rights that adults are entitled to. According to the In re Gault decision, these rights include: 

  • the right to receive notice of charges;
  • the right to obtain counsel;
  • the right to call on witness;
  • the right against self-incrimination;
  • the right to appeal a decision; and
  • the right to receive a transcript of court proceedings. 

While the In re Gault decision entitles juveniles to these rights, roughly 50% of all juvenile cases are heard informally. Sometimes a formal hearing will be necessary, where it will be decided whether the case should be heard in juvenile or criminal court. 

If you have questions about a juvenile’s rights under the In re Gault decision, or if you need the help of a juvenile defender in Florida, you should contact a Miami criminal defense lawyer. A Miami criminal defense lawyer can evaluate your child’s case and explain your options and legal rights. If the case goes to court, a Miami criminal defense lawyer can represent the legal interests of the accused. 

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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