What is the difference between a sexual predator and sexual offender in Florida?

A sexual offender in Florida is a designation that means you have committed a certain classification of sex crime. A person may be classified as a sexual offender in Florida if convicted of committing, attempting or conspiring to commit any of the specified sex crimes listed by the Florida statutes. The individual also must be in the custody or control of the Florida Department of Corrections.

A sexual predator is a person who was convicted of a serious sex crime against another, declared a sexual predator by a court of law and previously convicted of certain felony sex crimes within the past 10 years. Sexual predators are classified as such for life and are required to register with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or their local sheriff’s offices.

The Florida court system uses the classification as a sexual predator to place a stronger penalty on the individual in question. A South Florida criminal defense attorney is necessary to your case if you seek to avoid this designation. In some cases, you can argue your designation to a lesser charge depending on the circumstances of your case.

Not every sexual offender in Florida is considered a sexual predator. The classification of “predator” is only applied when the court specifically requests such a designation. The court must specifically find cause for you to be designated as a sexual offender in Florida before it can require you to undergo the sexual predator registration process.

To protect your rights and ensure that you are being treated fairly after being accused of a sex crime in Florida, you need the guidance of an experienced South Florida criminal defense attorney.

Contacting a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

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