What Misdemeanors & Felonies Have in Common When Sentenced for a Sex Crime in Florida

Being sentenced for a sex crime in Florida can be devastating no matter what the charges. Even if an offense is classified as a misdemeanor and carries with it a maximum penalty of just a few months’ incarceration – that mark on a permanent record can carry a major stigma.

When it comes to charges for sexual assault, a defense lawyer in Miami Beach at Falk & Ross understands the many ways a defendant’s life can be impacted.

Charges for sex crimes aren’t just a legal matter — they’re also shameful and have the power to permeate nearly every aspect of a defendant’s life. For example, someone convicted for the first time of soliciting prostitution, which according to 2012 Florida statutes is a second-degree misdemeanor, may face up to six months incarceration, but the damage can last a lifetime.

Damages that can result from a sex crime sentence: 

  • Reputation Certain sexual offenses (typically capital, life, or first- or second-degree felonies) require registration as a sexual offender or predator. Anyone can access these public records, including neighbors, co-workers, friends and family;
  • Career – Being sentenced for a sex crime may cause an individual to lose his or her job, and it can make it extremely difficult to gain future employment, especially considering application criteria and background checks; and
  • Personal relationships – Charges alone, much less being sentenced for a sex crime, can damage relationships. Marriages can be destroyed, and ties between family members and close friends can be severed.

While you can’t go back in time, a sexual assault defense lawyer in Miami Beach can work with you to address your misdemeanor or felony charge. In some cases this means asking to have charges reduced; in others, it means asking for leniency in sentencing. And in some situations, a defense lawyer may be able to have your charges dismissed depending on the circumstances. 

Our Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers in Miami Beach Know What You Face 

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