What should I do if I am charged with petit theft in Miami, Florida?

If you are charged with a crime, such as theft in Florida, the first thing you should always remember to do is to stay calm and keep your wits about you. 

Remember, the moment that you are suspected of a crime, you are being watched like a hawk by security guards, police officers, loss prevention officers, or other potential witnesses against you who are eager to use any scrap of evidence against you, no matter how far they take that evidence from its context or twist it around. A member of a team of Miami defense lawyers may be able to help you. 

Once you have invoked your right to remain silent, law enforcement officers cannot ask you any more questions or interrogate you further. If you are arrested, be peaceful, calm, and courteous. Do not volunteer information and only give your basic identification information upon request. Let the officers conduct their investigation without the benefit of your assistance. 

Also, invoke your right to legal counsel. You may not be given access to a lawyer immediately, but you will be permitted to speak with your attorney by telephone or in person at some point during or immediately after the booking process. 

Remember, the most effective tool you have when you are charged with a crime, such as theft, in Florida, is your attorney. Your attorney is your ally and will passionately fight for a favorable and lawful outcome to your charges, whether it is an acquittal, a reduced sentence, leniency, or suppressing illegally obtained evidence against you – your rights can and will be defended. 

How Miami Defense Lawyers Can Help When You’re Charged with a Crime 

If you have been charged with theft in Florida – even petit theft – you could be facing jail time and up to $1,000 in fines, not to mention that you will be branded with a criminal record. Speak with an attorney from a team of Miami defense lawyers who has handled cases like yours before and understands the criminal justice system’s standards of proof and reasonable doubt. Consult with an attorney about your case today. 877-663-5110.