What to Expect While on Probation in Florida

An individual who is placed on probation will be expected to abide by certain rules and conditions for the duration of the probationary period. Some rules of probation are established through Florida criminal laws, while the court dictates others.

An Overview of the Expectations of Probation

Those who are on probation can expect to perform certain duties on a regularly scheduled basis. These duties may require the expenditure of time and/or monetary resources.

A person who is on probation must also be cognizant of: 

  • whom he or she associates with;
  • where he or she travels; and
  • how he or she conducts him or herself.

The Most Common Requirements of Probation

The state of Florida outlines the protocol for probationary terms, but courts have jurisdiction to establish individual terms and standards.

The most common terms of probation require a probationer (i.e., the offender who has been sentenced to probation) to: 

  • report to his or her probation officer according to the established schedule. This usually includes monthly check-ins;
  • accept unscheduled, “drop-in” visits from a probation officer at the probationer’s home or place of employment;
  • maintain gainful employment, provided such employment is available;
  • not travel outside of a designated area (this rule typically bars international travel);
  • follow all laws;
  • submit to scheduled and randomized drug testing, as ordered by the court;
  • provide restitution for damages or losses caused by the criminal offense;
  • provide suitable financial support to any legally recognized dependants, as he or she is capable;
  • avoid association with anyone engaged in criminal activities; and
  • pay any court fines or other costs associated with probation.

Each court has the right to establish additional terms of probation that are specific to the individual and the charges involved. Typically speaking, a probation officer will go over the general terms of probation, while a judge may explain any special conditions. Failure to adhere to the terms of probation is a punishable offense.

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