What to Look for When Hiring a Miami, Florida Criminal Attorney

Finding the right criminal attorney to handle your case can be difficult. There are so many of them and each one claims to be the right one for your situation. How do you narrow down the possibilities and decide on just one? Here are some qualities you should look for in a Miami, FL criminal attorney:

  • Practice area – There are many types of crimes. Find a criminal attorney who focuses on the specific crime your case is about.
  • Experience – If your case is complex or serious, you don’t want a newbie as your criminal lawyer. Look for one who has a sufficient amount of experience.
  • Track record – You want a criminal lawyer who has a reputation for winning cases. If they have lost more than they have won, you might want to choose a different lawyer.
  • Recommendations – If any of your friends or family has used a criminal attorney in the past, ask for a recommendation. You can also conduct research online and find ratings and testimonials from previous clients.
  • Fees – Although you may not want to choose the cheapest criminal attorney you can find, some offer payment plans to make the expenses easier to manage.

If you are involved in a Miami criminal defense case, you need professional legal help. The Falk & Ross Law Firm is an aggressive criminal attorney firm that will fight for your rights. Contact them today for a free consultation at (305) 741-6997.