When do I need a Miami defense lawyer involved in my Florida drug charge?

If you have been arrested for a Florida drug charge, you have a lot on the line. The Miami defense lawyer you choose to trust with your drug charge defense is an important decision in the process because a good deal hinges upon how your case and your defense are handled. One thing is certain, however – you need an attorney. 

You have very little time to waste if you have been arrested for a Floridadrug charge. The longer that you wait, the more vulnerable you make yourself to the full penalty of criminal charges

An attorney can examine the evidence and charges against you to determine whether the evidence was obtained lawfully and whether or not the charges alleged are reasonable. In some cases, overzealous police officers fail to go through the proper procedure when searching for evidence or trying to make an arrest. When procedure isn’t followed to the letter, the charges against you, in some cases, may be dropped all together. 

Additionally, a Miami defense lawyer can not only explain the full gravity of the charges against you, but also get you into a first-time offender diversion program, a class or an alternative sentencing program that could mitigate the penalties against you. 

AFloridadrug charge can wreak havoc on your ability to become employed as well as your driving privileges. Speak with a Miami defense lawyer who can defend your rights and hold the state accountable to the lawful burden of proof in your case. Who you trust with your drug charge defense is an important decision, so ask potential candidates questions about their experience with drug charges. 

Contacting a Miami Defense Lawyer 

If you are facing a Floridadrug charge, your legal team is your best defense. The defense team you choose to represent you in court, defend your rights, and relentlessly pursue your case could be the difference between jail time and getting on with your life. Contact the Miami defense lawyer team at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 1-877-663-5110.