When Problems at Home Lead to Domestic Violence Charges

Florida domestic violence is defined as any sort of abusive, disrespectful or hurtful behavior committed upon you by your partner or family member. The use of the word “violence” does not limit the behaviors to physical harm – psychological damage can also be considered a method of domestic violence in Florida.

Because Florida domestic violence charges are numerous and in some cases vague, there are many convictions that could be simple misunderstandings that were improperly handled. If you are facing domestic violence charges in Florida, you should contact a Miami domestic violence attorney to review your case.

Types of Domestic Violence in Florida

There are formally defined instances of domestic violence charges such as assault, battery, stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and sexual assault or battery. Even simple yelling matches can be overly exaggerated into claims of Florida domestic violence without the proper defense from a Miami domestic violence attorney.

When the police are alerted to potential domestic violence in Florida, they must have credible evidence to support these accusations. This can come from a call from a neighbor regarding fighting they hear from your residence, concern from co-workers regarding unusual bruising seen on your spouse, and any other complaints of violence, abuse or threats from your spouse or family made to another party.

Domestic violence charges can range from claims of physical assault to accusations of verbal abuse. There does not have to be any physical evidence to warrant charges of domestic violence in Florida, as the claims can be completely based on verbal evidence from your spouse or family member. This is why having a Miami domestic violence attorney is critical to your defense against domestic violence charges.

Fighting the Domestic Violence Charges Brought Against You

Because many domestic violence accusations are made on the word of others, it is often a case of reasonable suspicion that leads to an arrest on domestic violence charges. During trial for domestic violence in Florida, your Miami domestic violence attorney will review the evidence being used against you.

Trial for domestic violence charges in Florida will involve mainly testimony from those who supposedly bore witness to the instance of Florida domestic violence. Particularly when there is no physical evidence of domestic violence, you may be able to fight the charges against you and have them dropped or reduced on the basis of inadequate proof of misconduct.

There are many ways an experienced Miami domestic violence attorney can help you reduce or remove the Florida domestic violence charges you face. Remember when you are facing domestic violence charges you are not automatically guilty of the charges filed against you.