Why should I ask about malpractice insurance?

Not all DUI defense attorneys carry malpractice insurance because it is not required. Malpractice insurance, also called professional liability insurance, is coverage purchased by professionals to protect them against negligence claims made by their clients. Some people think that if a company does not carry it, it means that they are so confident in their abilities that they don’t need it. In reality, most firms that do not carry malpractice insurance cannot afford it. 

Malpractice insurance protects you as the client. If your Miami DUI defense attorney makes a mistake during trial, then you can file a lawsuit to reclaim lost moneys. If your lawyer does not have malpractice insurance then you are out of luck. Before hiring a Miami DUI defense attorney, ask if they carry malpractice insurance. 

It is true; a lawyer who carries malpractice insurance will cost more. Usually, a portion of the cost for them to carry that insurance it is included in your fees. Nevertheless, it is better to know that there is an insurance company ready to work with you if your lawyer makes a mistake. 

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Contacting a Miami DUI Defense Attorney 

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