Your Life after a Sexual Battery Conviction in Florida

Aside from the prison time and fines you will be required to pay with a felony conviction for sexual battery in Florida you will face several other punishments down the line. While these are not actual mandated punishments that can be fought, they are requirements and associated consequences that come with life after a conviction for sexual misconduct. 

After serving your prison time and being released you will find it hard to return to the life you once had. One of the first things you must do is register with the Florida sexual offender registry. This database keeps track of all sex offenders in the state, whether the crime was committed locally or not. 

Upon entry into the sex offender system you will be required to comply with many new restrictions. The majority of the new rules restrict you from being in the vicinity of children or public areas where children are commonly present. This places distance restrictions on where you can live in relation to schools and playgrounds, as well as the types of jobs you can hold. 

In most cases you will be required to notify your neighbors and employers of your sex offender status. This is a detail that will be commonly asked on many employment applications and can seriously hinder your chances of obtaining a job. It can also cause you to lose some types of government benefits and assistance programs, as they do not allow those with criminal convictions to participate in these programs. 

These are just a few of the consequences you face after being charged with sexual battery in Florida. You do not have to agree to these charges without the counsel of an experienced Miami criminal defense attorney. With a good legal defense you stand a better chance at avoiding the maximum penalty for your sexual misconduct. 

Contacting a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney 

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