Insufficient Probable Cause under Florida Law

Probable cause is an important principle in Florida law, perhaps one of the most significant. Without sufficient probable cause for an arrest or search warrant, a case could be dropped by the police or State Attorney’s Office altogether.

If you have been arrested, speak to criminal defense lawyers who will launch an investigation into your arrest and criminal charges to determine if there was a lack of probable cause involved that could mitigate the allegations against you. 

In some cases, a lack of probable cause will get your case turned over to the State Attorney, who will then launch their own investigation.  

This is an ideal opportunity for your attorney to communicate the facts as you see them to the prosecution before a decision is reached on how to proceed with your case. In some instances, charges can be mitigated or dropped completely before the case even gets to a courtroom and in front of a judge and/or jury. 

If you have been arrested and searched without probable cause, reach out to criminal defense lawyers. The attorneys at Falk & Ross are passionately dedicated to pursuing justice for all of their clients, and will aggressively investigate your case to uncover any violation of your rights. Consultations are free and without obligation, so schedule your no-cost case evaluation today. 

Contacting Criminal Defense Lawyers 

If you are facing criminal charges under Florida law, your criminal defense lawyers are your best defense. The defense team you choose to represent you in court, defend your rights, and relentlessly pursue your case could be the difference between jail time and getting on with your life. Contact the criminal defense lawyers at Falk & Ross to discuss your case – 1-877-663-5110.