How will my child’s juvenile crime case be handled in Florida?

Upon arrest for criminal activity, your child will be transported to a Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC), and you’ll be notified of the arrest. At this time, you should have a Florida juvenile defense attorney present during any questioning of your child. Miami criminal defense is important to protecting your child’s rights after an arrest and help protect their future.

Once your child is released to you or a period of detention is set, there will be a court appearance typically within 24 hours of the arrest. The hearing will determine if detention should persist, or if your child can be completely released to your custody.

The actual arraignment for your child will take place sometime after the detention hearing is decided. At the arraignment, your Florida juvenile defense attorney can help provide evidence of your child’s involvement in the crime and whether or not he or she is deserving of a full or reduced sentence. A judge will be the deciding factor in the case; no jury is present in a juvenile trial.

If a plea isn’t entered and the arraignment takes place, a disposition hearing will give the final verdict of guilty or no contest. Your Miami criminal defense attorney can explain the charges and penalties your child faces, as well as how this can impact the child’s adult criminal record.

In some cases, children may be tried as an adult for more serious crimes, especially if they’re close to adult age. Even so, a Florida juvenile defense attorney will be necessary to protect their rights and help avoid any unfair prosecution during the juvenile criminal charges process.

Contacting aFloridaJuvenile Defense Attorney

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